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Jurassic Investments is an organization of visionaries committed to creating a future that is built on humanitarianism, compassion, and unity among mankind.  We believe that we are all citizens of this planet and therefore it is the responsibility of everyone to preserve and protect the earth and ensure its viability for generations to come.  We are admirers of the sky and foster the development of new technologies that will one day extend our livable world deep into the heavens and beyond.

About Us  - Our 4 Basic Tenets



Our partnerships are based on trust first.  Without trust, a relationship will not last and we believe in long term partnerships with the organizations and causes that we support.  We recognize and appreciate the critical nature of many projects in which we invest.  They could make the difference between life and death, famine, or abundance, even peace or war.   We live up to our words and don’t overpromise what we can do.



Unlike those who invest for alternative reasons such as a hedge, loss-leader, or a land grab, we select projects and causes that align with our guiding principles led by teams of experienced, seasoned executives with networks of similar people.  When we invest in a project, it is for the long haul and is a firm commitment on behalf of Jurassic Investments to utilize our resources, people, network and influence to ensure success by all.



We are forever inspired by those who demonstrate an inherent desire to help those around them in need.  Jurassic Investments provides support and resources to projects at levels that are appropriate to achieve goals efficiently and decisively.  Likewise, we hope to inspire others blessed with similar capabilities to seek out opportunities to leave this world in better shape than it was when we came to be.



For far too long, various divisions of humanity have been suppressed or taken advantage of in numerous ways.  Some by politics, some by war and other aggression, some suffer due to the fluctuation in the purchasing power of fiat currencies,  still others because of limited access to modern information.  Jurassic Investments seeks out opportunities to give all people the chance to live freely and  with privacy if they so choose.

Our Causes


Clean water, fresh food, and housing

The amount of wealth present in the world today could make the problems of contaminated water, drought, starvation, and homelessness relics of the past. There is simply no reason why any human being should be deprived of or lack access to these basic requirements for life. Jurassic Investments is supporting all known efforts to ensure these resources are not only available to communities but empower those communities to maintain the availability and longevity of those resources. If the water is contaminated, we will clean it, if there simply isn't food present naturally, we will route it where it needs to go, if natural phenomenon is interrupting the supply, we will work with qualified personnel to assist nature when doing so will not harm adjacent systems or habitats.


Abundant, inexpensive renewable energy

Energy is the foundational element of virtually everything on our planet. The methods for converting one form into another, specifically fossil fuels, has a finite ending at some point in the future. That point is impossible to predict with any reasonable degree of certainty however pockets of these fuels are running dry all the time creating the need to explore the earth deeper and wider to find a new supply. Jurassic Investments Nikola Tesla had the vision more than a century ago, and his technology is still in use today, mostly untouched as far as a fundamental design. WFBG is supporting projects that are focused on the creation and distribution of near-free energy, as well as inexpensively generated power in small form factors using clean fuels with near-zero ecological footprints. Jurassic Investements supports projects that involve the creation of electrical power whilst also generating other usable products such as water, helium, and others.


Human trafficking & exploitation

Human trafficking and the exploitation of children persists in the world because there is a market for them and because there aren't enough human resources that are dedicated to the job of stopping it. Even with the dedicated units within national and international law enforcement agencies, far too many of these heinous acts are committed every day. Jurassic Investments realizes that the fight to end these tragedies is resource constrained. WFBG partners with private organizations and law enforcement to ensure that resources are made available for the procurement of tools, technology, and human capital that are specifically used to disrupt trafficking operations, rescue the trafficked individuals, return them to their families, and support them with the necessary aftercare. Jurassic Investments provides the financial resources needed by private organizations and law enforcement to maximize the technology and personnel required to win the war on trafficking and exploitation of children globally.


Access to quality education

Education is something that many take for granted. In fact, in many parts of the world, it is a luxury or even an afterthought. For some, it is simply not an option because they must look after the necessities of life such as food or shelter, which makes them unavailable to participate in educational, activities. Jurassic Investments is committed to providing access to educational materials, facilities, and properly trained personnel to provide education to the masses at all levels. This is not limited to books and other supplementary but also the brick-and-mortar facilities, the curriculum, the educators, and the services that allow people to participate, such as childcare, transportation, and personal computing devices.


High-tech innovation & proactive security

High tech innovation is in Jurassic Investments' DNA. It's constituent companies and prior investments have produced some of the most innovative solutions in the financial services industry alone, with much of that technology still in use today, decades after it was introduced to the market. With the changes in the global banking system which are currently beginning widespread adoption by central banks and other financial institutions - as well as the integration with blockchain technologies, new and more sophisticated threats will wage multi-vector attacks on the system. Jurassic Investments is investing in technologies that are at the forefront of proactive security measures. We are supporting the creation of Ultra-AI powered systems that not only have early warning of pending attacks but that can also anticipate where and how new attacks will likely originate, giving us the ability to protect data before it can even be attacked.


Compassion for life at all stages

Life is precious and it comes with a finite expiration date that we seldom ever know in advance except when we are terminally ill or otherwise on a clearly defined path to our final moments. Logically, taking advantage of each moment of every day to spread kindness, compassion, and respect for one another seems to be a given, yet the reality is that if feels like the world spends most of its collective time in conflict. While Jurassic Investments remains agnostic and not aligned with any specific religion or sect, we still promote fairness, kindness, compassion, integrity, and humility in all of our affairs, and we seek those qualities in our partners and in the projects we support. Humanitarian aid as a service and as a duty; we signed up for this mission to ensure that good was being put into the world on a global scale, 24 hours a day, and to denounce greed, malice, hatred, and all other forms of negativity that attempts to prevent the natural harmony of the world.

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